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Membership Levels

One program, three levels and many reasons to participate. Sign up to get exclusive perks starting with a welcome 10% off on registration and level up: the higher the level, the greater the benefits. Discover the most exclusive onces below:


0 - 4.000 House Points
Free after sale service on Diesel Library
Free standard shipping
Early access to sale
Lobby's birthday surprises and gifts
Special event invitations


4.001 - 10.000 House Points
Free after sale service on Diesel Library
Free standard shipping
Early access to sale
Collections preview
Lounge's birthday surprises and gifts
Exclusive event invitations
Reusable shopping bag


From 10.001 House Points
Free after sale service on Diesel Library
Free express shipping
Early access to sale
Collections preview
Penthouse's birthday surprises and gifts
Exclusive experiences and unique event invitations
Reusable shopping bag
Priority on Client Service
Showroom visit
Private shopping session with a denim expert

Questions & Answers

The Program will apply to the whole territory of the Countries listed below, where there are Diesel branded stores and outlets: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States

Registration is completely free of charge and will be obtained by filling the dedicated form with any of the following procedures:
a) Through the Website
b) Through the stores participating in the Program
c) Through additional official Diesel channels
d) Through the Customer Service

The ranges for each level are: Level 1 (0 to 4,000 points), Level 2 (4,001 to 10,000 points) and Level 3 (10,001 to 18,000 points) based on the points collection process set forth in these Regulations for the Program. In the event that customers reach beyond 18,000 points, Diesel will consider additional benefits.

From the date of registration in the Program, each Member may earn points and advance in Levels over the course of twelve (12) months. Transition from one Level to the next can take place at any time on the basis of the points obtained and confirmed (any outstanding points are not counted for Level transitions). At each Level change, previously accrued points are retained and the 12 (twelve) month period begins again.

Depending on the currency of the transaction, a certain amount of points corresponds to a certain amount of money spent .
In addition to the points earned through purchase transactions (made in the stores and in the Website), Members will be able to obtain extra points to try to reach the subsequent level, also through various specific activities (e.g., social network interactions, participation in events and/or programs organized by Diesel) that may be organized by Diesel according to our business calendar all year round or only for limited periods. These will in any case be appropriately communicated to the public through publication in the Website and/or personal notifications through the communication channels.

Members may receive notifications regarding the reception of benefits or gifts either through their e-mail address indicated in the registration form or by direct information in the stores or through Diesel's official communication channels or in the dedicated “My Account” area or in another area of the Website. The Member will be entitled to collect the benefit or gift within and no later than the period expressly indicated and starting from the date of notification of the benefit or gift. Any promotional code offered by Diesel must be used within the terms specified from time to time.

No points will be earned from the following purchases:
a) Purchase of gift cards prior to their use. If the gift card is purchased and given to third parties, points may be credited to the beneficiary only when it is used by the same beneficiary to purchase a Product.
b) All the purchases made in connection with specific projects and/or programs, including temporary programs, that may be implemented by Diesel from time to time and not expressly included in this Program.

Diesel reserves the right to supplement or amend the Regulations, taking care to avoid any adverse effect on the legal rights of the Members. Any amendment will be notified to the Members with appropriate and prior communications by Diesel through its official communication channels. In the event that a Member does not wish to accept an amendment, he/she may cancel their participation pursuant to Section 14 above.

Members may terminate their participation in the Program at any time simply by:
a) Contacting the Customer Service by e-mail or using the online chat;
b) Sending an e-mail to stating the desire to be removed from the Program.
If participation in the Program is linked to registration in the Website login area with the creation of an account (“My Account”), the termination of participation in the Program will imply the deletion of the related “My Account” and any related services.

The Member is required to provide true and valid personal details to access the Program. Incomplete forms or those that do not respect the instructions provided in the form itself will be disregarded. Members are not permitted to create multiple accounts. Diesel will not carry out any verification of the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by the applicant and does not assume any responsibility in this regard. However, should any suspicion arise about the truthfulness of the details provided to create one or more accounts, Diesel reserves the right to remove the Member from the Program.

All rights and obligations arising from these Regulations are governed by the legislation of the place of residence of the Member. Any dispute arising from these Regulations, their interpretation, construction, effectiveness or termination, as well as the general participation in the Program, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Member's place of residence.


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